Tips For Using At-Home Hypnosis For Weight Loss

If you are carrying excess weight, you might have tried a variety of different methods to lose it. You might have been on a dozen different diets, signed up and cancelled gym memberships, and tried many diet pills. However, you probably weren't able to keep the weight off since losing weight is tremendously difficult. One option that you might not have tried is hypnosis. Hypnosis sessions tend to be expensive and not covered by insurance. However, while you are saving up the money for a session with a hypnotherapist at a place like The A Treatment Center, you can do these at-home hypnotherapy tips to get you started.

1. Find a Weight Loss Hypnosis Program That Focuses on the Positives

Part of weight loss hypnosis is to create negative associations between foods that are unhealthy for you and eating them. For example, you might be hypnotized to think that donuts are repulsive and will harm you. However, this isn't going to be enough to get you to lose weight entirely. You need a hypnosis program that will focus on the positives. You want to create strong positive associations between how your body feels and going to the gym. You need to create strong positive associations between how your emotions feel and eating lots of vegetables. This will be more effective in the long term than hypnotherapy programs that just focus on the negatives.

Look at the reviews in order to find a weight loss hypnosis program that focuses more on positive associations between good behaviors and your mind, rather than negative associations between unhealthy behaviors and your mind.

2. Listen at Night

The most effective time for self-hypnosis programs for many people is when they listen to them at night. This allows them to get into a dreamlike state that mimics what they achieve in a hypnotherapy session while listening to the tapes. This will allow you to increase the overall efficacy of the program and leave you motivated when you wake up.

3. Stay Consistent

You need to be listening to the weight loss hypnosis programs as much as possible and do exactly the number of days that the program recommends without missing any. Missing any is going to reduce the efficacy of the program.

For more information, talk to a company that specializes in hypnotherapy. Also talk to your insurance company. If you are including hypnotherapy along with regular checkups at weight loss clinics, it might be considered part of a wide health effort and included with insurance.