Ways To Help A Troubled Teen Adjust

Helping a troubled teen is something that you may not have thought you would be doing as a parent. There is no one size fits all method of improving behavior and wellbeing for a troubled teen, but there are many things you can try. 

Try Counseling

Counseling is a golden resource for figuring out what issues your child is having and the best ways to help them. It may take a few different counselors to find someone your child feels comfortable opening up to, so don't give up if the first counseling sessions are unhelpful. Simply try a different counselor. Make sure to look at the credentials of the counselor before you send your teen to see anyone. The level of care you need will depend on your child's level of emotional distress; a mental health counselor, therapist, or psychiatrist may be appropriate. 

Try a Different Parenting Method

If you have always been the type of parent who is nurturing and forgiving, maybe it's time to try some tough love to see if it has a different effect on your teen's behavior. Or, if you have always been a more authoritarian parent, perhaps your child is not responding to that; try taking things a step down and spending more time just listening and building rapport with your child before offering suggestions or discipline. This is not to say that your parenting skills are at fault for a troubled teen's behavior, but that changing them could help you connect with your child more and have a greater impact on their steps forward.

Try a Boarding School

A troubled teen boarding school can sometimes be the best solution both for you and your child when things get rough. If you are racking your brain trying to figure out how to help your teen, and it's taking its toll on you emotionally, you are probably not going to be at your best to provide care for them. Your teenager might be able to get the support they need at a boarding school, where the staff is skilled in helping kids with emotional problems. These schools provide counseling, specialized education, and an environment where teens are provided opportunities to shape their character and take out anger and other emotions in constructive ways. It's worth a try, or at least a visit, if you are running out of options for how to help your teenager. 

For more tips, reach out to specialized programs like Youth Programs For Troubled Teens.