Three Times That You Should Consult A Medication Management Therapist

Prescription medication can help you to deal with a wide range of conditions, but there are a lot of people who can use a helping hand when it comes to taking this medication. Family members can often provide help, but relying on an expert is always your best choice. Speak to your family doctor about setting you up with a medication management therapist. These medication-focused therapists work in many communities with the goal of empowering clients when it comes to their prescription medication. Here are three different times that you should think about consulting a medication management therapist.

You've Suffered Adverse Effects

One challenging thing about prescription medication is that while it will do what you want it to do, it will also do other things. Many people experience a wide range of adverse effects from their medication, which can be frustrating and sometimes even risky to their health. It's worthwhile to consult a medication management therapist when you're in this situation. He or she will be able to look at what drugs you're taking, talk to you about the side effects that you've experienced, and then advise you about other medications that can help you but that won't have the same adverse effects. You can then speak to your doctor about changing your prescription.

You Find Dosages To Be Overwhelming

If you're taking a number of different prescription medications at the same time, you may struggle with understanding the different dosages. For example, it's possible that you've taken the wrong dosage of one type of medication in the past because you thought that it was something else. Some people can mistakenly overdose on their prescription drugs simply because they made a mistake with the dosage. A medication management therapist can help you to better understand your dosages and work with you to develop strategies that will make taking your drugs easier.

You Want To Take Fewer Drugs

There are a lot of people who take several prescriptions but who would like to take fewer. This is an issue that you can talk about with your family doctor, but if he or she is someone who encourages the use of this medication, you might not get anywhere. A medication management therapist can take a look over your health history and all of the drugs that you're taking, and then offer you some recommendations. For example, instead of taking two separate drugs for two conditions, there might be one drug that can address both issues. You can then pass this information along to your doctor with a request to make this change.

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