Medication Assisted Treatment Can Be an Important Part of Addiction Recovery

Drug addiction recovery typically begins with detox. During detox, you will not be using the substances you typically use. As a result, you may experience withdrawal effects. The effects can range in severity, which is why so many people choose medication-assisted treatment (MAT).

If you are looking for a new beginning, you might consider addiction recovery that includes medication-assisted treatment. There are a few things you should know before you choose this type of treatment.

First, What Is Medication-Assisted Treatment?

MAT is the involvement of medication to treat substance abuse disorders. This medication is used alongside other techniques, including counseling and therapy. The medication and dose you receive are dependent upon your individualized care.

Medication-assisted treatment is effective for many people, and it can be used to address the abuse of or addiction to substances like opioids and alcohol.

MAT Improves Survival Rates

In many cases, MAT is able to improve the rate of survival among people with substance abuse disorder. The medication can help people stop using substances because it can prevent many of the withdrawal symptoms. This stops people from using the substance during recovery, which can prevent overdose.

MAT Keeps People in Treatment

Additionally, MAT is able to retain people in treatment who might otherwise be tempted to leave. The symptoms of withdrawal will not be so intense, which means that people are less likely to leave treatment for comfort.

MAT Can Increase Employment

People who use MAT may be able to continue working while they receive treatment. For example, some people who use medication like suboxone are able to continue working and taking the required dose. They can attend outpatient treatment at the same time, going about their business as usual in many situations.

MAT Can Decrease Illness Related to Addiction

Some people who are addicted to substances may become sick as a result of their disorder. For example, people who use needles to inject heroin can become infected with HIV or hepatitis, for instance. People who use MAT are less likely to contract these conditions during treatment because relapse is less likely.

Medication-Assisted Treatment Is Only the Beginning

MAT is part of the addiction recovery process, and it can help you get started with recovery on the right foot. No matter where you are in your recovery journey, you should speak with a professional who can help you find the right steps forward.

Talk to an addiction recovery clinic for more information.