4 Lessons To Learn At A Family Therapy Clinic

At times, marriage can be difficult, even when you love your spouse. Marriage therapy can help you learn the skills and tools you need to have a happy and healthy marriage. Here are some of the things you can learn at a family therapy clinic:

1. Recognizing Emotional Needs

All humans have basic needs that must be met for optimal health and well-being. People need food, shelter, and safety. However, physical needs are not the only needs that count. People also have emotional needs that must be met. Emotional needs include things like a need for reassurance, support, love, and understanding. Friends and family members can provide emotional support, but many people first look to their spouse to provide for their emotional needs. Marriage therapy can help you and your spouse learn to recognize and honor each others' emotional needs.

2. Showing Love In Ways Your Spouse Will Recognize

Everyone receives love in specific ways. Some people feel loved when their spouses express their feelings in words. Other people find tangible actions, such as doing chores or planning a surprise, more meaningful. Expressing your love in ways that don't connect with your partner can be frustrating for everyone involved, leading to hurt feelings and misunderstandings. In marriage therapy, you can learn how your spouse best receives affection, which will allow you to tailor your actions accordingly.

3. Speaking Your Mind Respectfully

Honesty is important in any relationship. Hiding your true feelings due to a desire to avoid conflict can lead to problems in the future. However, there are healthy and unhealthy ways to express your feelings. Speaking your mind in ways that feel accusatory to your partner can lead to strife in the relationship. Marriage therapy can teach you to express yourself in constructive ways that will help you avoid conflict. You can also learn conflict resolution skills that will help you fight productively with minimal hurt feelings when conflict does arise. 

4. Tackling Problems Together

Finally, marriage therapy can help you learn how to tackle problems with your spouse. Marriages become unhealthy when couples begin to see each other as the enemy. A marriage therapist can remind you that you and your spouse are on the same team, and as teammates, you need to work together to overcome difficulties. Learning to rely on your partner can help you feel less stressed on a daily basis, which is healthy for relationships.

Contact a local family therapy clinic if you feel your relationship is struggling.