5 Mental Health Treatments For Adults

Mental health treatment can help people find perspective and relief from their mental health concerns. People with mental illnesses and those who simply have an excess of stress can benefit from mental health treatment. A counselor can help people find the treatments that work best for them. Here are some treatments that a professional might recommend:

1. Values-Based Therapy

Values-based therapy begins by identifying the things that are important to patients. This type of therapy acknowledges that everyone has different values and that people are usually more at peace when living lives in accordance with those values. During values-based therapy, a counselor may utilize worksheets to help patients identify their values. Over the course of several therapy sessions, patients can set goals that will help them prioritize their values in their lives and relationships.

2. Exposure Therapy

Some people experience anxiety surrounding certain people, objects, or situations. Some anxiety can be helpful, but irrational anxiety can lead to unhealthy patterns of avoidance. Some therapists help patients manage their anxiety through exposure therapy. Exposure therapy allows patients to come into contact with the things they fear in a safe, therapeutic environment. Over time, this can desensitize patients to their phobias, which can allow them to face life with more confidence.

3. Mindfulness Mediation

Mindfulness meditation is a practice that can help people live in the present moment. People with depression typically focus too much on the past, and people with anxiety may worry too much about the future. A counselor can guide patients through mindfulness meditation sessions during therapy. Once patients gain confidence in their ability to meditate, they can begin meditating as part of their daily mental wellness practice. 

4. Hypnotherapy

Hypnotherapy utilizes hypnosis to induce a suggestible state in patients. Hypnosis cannot make people do anything against their will. Instead, it allows people to relax more deeply. Hypnotherapists can help patients stop bad habits, including smoking and drinking. Hypnotherapy can also be used to treat anxiety and eating disorders.

5. Art Therapy

Art therapy encourages people to express themselves creatively. Many people find that having an artistic outlet allows them to express their emotions in safe and productive ways. Art therapy can also be used to help people process trauma, especially if they don't yet feel comfortable discussing their traumatic experiences. Many art therapists are artists themselves, who can use their unique creative insights to provide inspiration and assistance to the people they treat. 

Reach out to a local mental health professional to learn more about types of adult mental health treatments.