Understanding Some Attributes of Family-Based Therapy

If you have a teen who is addicted to drugs or alcohol, then it may be time to start thinking about taking your child to a teen substance abuse treatment program. This program may involve a complete recovery program where behavioral approaches are taken to treat the disease as well as medication and family-based therapy. Family-based therapy involves the teen as well as their siblings, parents, and other family members. It is specifically designed to help younger individuals deal with the emotional issues that may have led to their dependence on drugs and alcohol.

Monitor Your Teen's Social Media Accounts To See If He Or She May Have A Drug Problem

Although many teenagers are able to successfully hide a drug problem from their parents, you may begin to suspect that your teen is using substances for a variety of reasons. For example, the teen's grades may slip, his or her peer group may change, and your teen may suddenly become secretive. If you're seeing signs of the teen's drug use but haven't caught him or her in the act, you can do some research by viewing his or her social media profile.

3 Signs Of Self-Harm In Teenagers

You might have heard of teenagers harming themselves, such as by cutting or burning themselves on their arms or legs, but you might have never imagined that it would be something that you would have to worry about with your own child. However, a shocking number of teens find themselves depressed and take to this type of behavior. Luckily, there are a few warning signs that you can watch out for.

Tips For Using At-Home Hypnosis For Weight Loss

If you are carrying excess weight, you might have tried a variety of different methods to lose it. You might have been on a dozen different diets, signed up and cancelled gym memberships, and tried many diet pills. However, you probably weren't able to keep the weight off since losing weight is tremendously difficult. One option that you might not have tried is hypnosis. Hypnosis sessions tend to be expensive and not covered by insurance.

How Counseling Can Help You Decide Whether To Stay In Your Marriage Or Leave

Trying to enjoy life when you are in a really bad marriage can be difficult, and at some point you may wonder if you should pursue a divorce. Before you do this, it might be wise for you to visit a counselor for help. Counselors are helpful for many reasons, and visiting a counselor can help you determine whether you should stay in the marriage or consider getting divorced. Here are three ways a counselor can help you make this decision.